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How it Works at 5Up Music!

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How 5Up Music works ?

You can read it all here.

    Register for an account at https://5upmusic.com and make sure that you've read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use

    Log in and lock an available slot

    Each day there are in total 5 slots available

    You can lock only 1 slot per day

    When you've locked a slot, then upload your own made Music and your front Artwork within the time frame

    You retain ownership of the rights of the uploaded media, No Rights are transferred to us.

    Get the exposure the next day!

    Everyone can vote for you music in the mobile 5Up Music app

    If you have the most votes for that day, then your music will be exposed the next day as yesterdays winner!

    Next to this you'll be added to the list of daily winners with a link to your music

    Note that if you do not load up within the timeframe you'll loose the lock on the slot! Then you'll be redirected to your bands page.

    Note that if you press Page Back in your browser at the slotlock page, we'll log you out and you'll loose the lockslot!

    Get heard by thousands of people who can vote for you and use the link to your music (This may also be a 3rd party website where you host your music).

    What does this service cost you? Well, nothing except your creativity!

    When registering for an account you can opt-in for our NewsLetter, this Newsletter can be turned Off or On when you are logged in, or be unsubscribed via the link in the Newsletter.


Winner of yesterday! No Name

Winner of yesterday!

With their song No Track
The total votes they've got is No Votes

Click below to go to the winners website. They deserved it! Check them out at No Site

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